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Mark M.

When I was looking for High Speed Internet service,  I first called Comcast.  They didn’t have service in my area.
My uncle said to try Winchester Wireless.  So I called them.  They came out and did 1 circle on my roof . The guy was at my house a total of 8 minutes and  charged me $35 for a site survey.  He did one circle on the roof of my house and said he couldn’t get service.
I didn’t know anything about Wave2Net until my friend who lives in High View, WV told me about them.  My friend does a lot of gaming and told me he gets great service.   So, I called and their technician came out the same day to do their site survey.  He spent a lot of time there.  He couldn’t get a signal at my house but was able to get one a short distance away from the house.  I had service installed within 2 days…


Getting wireless internet access was a life changing event for my family. We had tried Hughes and Wildblue satellite services and were always disappointed, but figured we were stuck with them.

With satellite we could only use the internet for work and school. We had to watch ever single byte of data we transferred and were always stressed about loosing our access because we use to much bandwidth (or there were clouds in the sky). You should see us now.

Halo or other online game is being played on the x-box, YouTube on one computer, an online game on another, VPN conference on another, and on my computer – my work, never interrupted and never stressing about the bandwidth or losing access.

Rosalee R.

We chose Wave2Net because we could not get cable and our Satellite service was not working for us. We were referred to Wave2net by a neighbor and they are still using the service and are also very pleased. Overall your service was a nice alternative to the other options available to us.