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Setting up email in Outlook Express

Step 1: Start Outlook Express.
Step 2: Click on Tools menu item at top to open menu.
Step 3: Click on Accounts to open Internet Accounts Dialog box.
Step 4: Make sure that the mail tab is selected then click on Add button to right and select mail.
Step 5: In the Internet Connection Wizard, enter the name you wish to display, then click the next button.
Step 6: Enter your email address, ex. (, click next.
Step 7: In the incoming mail field, enter, in the outgoing mail field, enter After these entries are made click next.
Step 8: Enter your Account name, this would be your email address name without the Enter your password used to get email and make sure the Remember password box is ticked, Click next.
Step 9: Congratulations you have set up your email account in Outlook express, click Finish and your account is created. You can now send and receive email with your email Account.


Webmail can be accessed from anywhere world wide by accessing’s website and pressing on the webmail link on any page. Simply enter your email account name and password and you can send and receive emails outside of your Outlook Express or any other email account software application.

Change Email Password

You may change your email password by following this link: Change Password

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